Toshiba Shows Off The Follow Up To Failio At CES

The Toshiba rep we spent sometime with yesterday at “Digital Experience” didn’t want us to reference the Toshiba F0lio, Toshiba’s failed attempt at an iPad killing 10″ tablet, taken off the market after a month.

When we asked if it was the Folio 2 or Follow up, the Toshiba rep said “No it’s a totally new device” So let’s dive into it:

The Toshiba Tablet features:

10″ Resolution Plus 1280x 800 display
Honeycomb (Although only froyo was on the proto type)
Micro USB
USB 2.0 with hosting
Full Sized SD card slot
Embedded 3g
16gb or 32gb on board memory models
Tegra 2 Processor
User serviceable battery, and special grip backs available in a variety of colors
5mp camera on back
2mp Front Facing Camera

Ok so if this tablet gets out in a timely fashion, doesn’t way 85 pounds, and takes advantage of Toshiba’s EONS of experience making laptops, they may have a winner, or at least a very productive tablet, on their hands.

Source: TMFDG

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