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Toshiba Returns To Black Thanks To Smartphones

Wait! The first thing you’re going to say after reading a tweet or the headline is that Toshiba doesn’t make any US smartphones, and they don’t currenty. However Toshiba has finally returned to the black after their wholesale chip business skyrocketed.

Just how much of a sky rocket? Same time last year Toshiba reported a loss of 10.6 billion yen.  Fourth quarter this year they increased to a positive 12.4 billion yen which is about $151 million US.

The largest growth area was in Toshiba’s NAND-flash memory chips uses in smartphones, digital cameras, mp3 players and other mobile devices.

Toshiba had a failed venture in the tablet space in 2010 with the Toshiba Folio 100 10″ Android tablet that they announced at IFA and had pulled off the shelves before Thanksgiving.  They are currently developing a new tablet based on Android 2.3, Honeycomb.

Source: AP via Forbes

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