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The Samsung Infuse is not a Galaxy S phone?

AT&T was pretty pleased with themselves yesterday at their developers conference as big names from Samsung, Motorola, and HTC got on stage and showed a room full of developers all their goodies before the press events even happened. One of the most notable, the Samsung Infuse, was not available in person for very long, and certainly not for anyone but J.K. Shin to touch. During the conference, and again at the press release, something very odd happened. At no point during either of these announcements of this impressive new device was it called “A Galaxy S phone”, despite it being automatically considered as one by other tech sites. What exactly are the ramifications of this not being the next in the Galaxy S series?

What does it mean to be a Galaxy S phone? If you believe the marketing babble from Samsung, it means the phone is held to a certain set of innovation standards. In reality, it’s probably just an insignificant moniker, but one they have applied to nearly every Android device they have released since 2010, which would indicate that this device is somehow different enough to warrant such a change. Aside from the new screen technology, the phone isn’t exactly a blazing step forward in terms of technology. Stay tuned as more research is done into the phone and it’s branding!

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