The CES2011 Flash Drive Round Up

It should come to no ones surprise that one of the biggest takeaways anyone gets from any given booth at CES is some kind of swag. Stickers, pamphlets, the occasional keychain or lanyard, and of course Flash Drives. At CES Unveiled in NYC last month, one of the “Green Initiatives” from the CEA was a dramatic reduction in paper products. It stands to reason that if everyone is required to put their press releases and such on flash drives or optical storage that there would be less paper waste, which is already significant from a show this large. It’s important, however, that the flash drive being given to the attendees be something special. If it’s storage capacity or appearance make it unusable, there’s no secondary marketing. If I have a whole mess of cool looking flash drives, i’m likely to hand out the ones I don’t want to friends, and use the ones I liked all over town. In either of these options, the company whose name is on that drive wins. Not all of the flash drives we will see at CES 2010 will make that “is it useful” pile, however. Keep an eye on this page all week as I bring you more and more of the little toys we find at CES 2010!

Day 1 – CES: Unveiled

This is a small sampling of the drives given out at CES: Unveiled to offer a best to worst kind of scope. Top prize for this event has to go to Muve Music, Cricket’s new audio service. The Credit Card style 2GB drive came is a pleather sheath with the same logo printed on. AMD and Dolby tie for second here with differently shaped 1GB drives, though the see through blue plastic on the Dolby stick looks really nice. Sadly, the Black and Decker drive is a perfectly good example of failure. Despite the fairly traditional swivel look, and the impressive display B&D had for their new stylish paper shredders, this flash drive comes in a completely unusable 256mb. It was just enough to store their press kit information, and nothing else, making it a drive I can’t do anything with but pitch.

Day Two

These are a sampling of the Drives handed out at Digital Experience 2011. PNY puts out a slick looking 4GB flash drive, while the entire DE stick, and the Case Mate stick are a failtastic 512mb. The metallic feeling THX drive is an nice USB 2.0 2GB flash.

Keep an eye on this page as it continues to update!

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