T-Mobile Offers Distracted Driving Android App For LG Optimus T

T-Mobile has partnered with Location Labs on the first carrier grade solution to preventing distracted driving via text message and talking while driving.  We reported earlier this week on a product by Taser that was $249.99 and $14 per month.  The T-Mobile solution is much more affordable and comes with a lot of features.

While the app is in Drive mode it diverts all calls directly to voicemail. When the user receives a text message an auto responder is sent telling the texter that the person they have texted is unavailable because they are driving and will return their message later.

Drive Smart by Location Labs and designed specifically for T-Mobile is available for download on the LG Optimus T Android phone.  Once installed and activated, the app disables the phones ability to make and receive both text messages and phone calls.  For emergency purposes there is an override function enabling the phones user to make emergency calls and text messages.  There is also an alert you can set up to text a parent or loved one, should the service go into override mode.

Source: T-Mobile

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