Shazam and SyFy Team Up for “TV Tagging”

I may be one of the few people that most of my favorite shows still come one SyFy or were on there at some point, but now they are taking TV to a whole new level.

Popular Android app Shazam has partnered with SyFy to bring you the first ever TV-Tagging. If you watch Being Human on SyFy Monday nights at 9 PM ET/PT, you will see Shazam pop up on your screen prompting you to tag the series. You hold your phone up to the screen and you can tag the episode.

This was first tried with the season finales of Eureka and Warehouse 13 in September. I remember seeing this but was unsure of what it meant so we, of course, backed the show up to see if there something that happened and unfortunately it failed.

Supposedly, you can tag the episode and it will tell you the specific title of the episode and with specific tags will allow you access to exclusive videos and links for the show.

Shazam also plans to provide viewers the ability to access the new music being aired on Being Human. This show will run for 13 weeks and 3.8 million people tuned for the premier.

“Giving Syfy viewers the chance to ‘Tag the TV’ with Shazam taps into the fact that the majority of viewers are watching their favorite shows with a second screen at their fingertips. Shazam is bridging the gap between mobile devices and the TV, engaging and retaining the attention of TV audiences beyond the live broadcast,” said Jonathan Symons, Executive Vice-President, Business Development, Shazam.

A little skeptical I decided to try it out. I was planning to watch the show anyway and had it in my list on, just hadn’t gotten around to it. So here I sit watching it on Hulu, patiently waiting, with Shazam already turned on with my phone waiting on this prompt to appear. After about 15 minutes into the show I got tired of waiting for the promo to appear and decided to try to Shazam the show without a promo. And I get this:

So it works, and works amazingly well if you ask me!

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