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Samsung Vibrant Owners Experiencing Problems T-Mobile Answering Bugs Aggresively

After the long drawn out wait that was the Samsung Vibrant Froyo update the trouble reports are starting to come in on both official and non official forums.  As you know the Samsung Vibrant saw an update to Froyo via mini kies at the end of last week. T-Mobile cited quality assurance as the reason for the delay in the updates however every update has bugs. Here are some of the bugs reported with the Vibrant.

– Email notification notification sound disappearing on stock mail app
– Random vibrating
– MMS issues
– Apps mysteriously disappearing
– Wifi calling dropping calls randomly

T-Mobile has been answering users questions and bug reports aggressively at this link

As far as we know Mac users are still unable to update to Froyo as mini kies is only PC based.

Source: San Fransico Examiner

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