Samsung Vibrant 4G Coming To T-Mobile

Samsung is releasing a new version of it’s Galaxy S hit the Samsung Vibrant as the Samsung Vibrant 4G.

An internal one sheet from T-Mobile, obtained by our friends at Tmo News, shows that the Samsung Vibrant 4G will be the fastest phone on the new HSPA +21 network introduced at CES promising speeds up to 21mbps.

In addition to that it adds Android 2.2 (which original Vibrant owners have been waiting for, for a while) and a front facing camera.  Interesting that Qik will be the mobile video chat app of choice as they were recently acquired by Skype who seems to only play well with Verizon.

Although former PR honcho at T-Mobile, Pete Debrow, told thedroidguy on the Vibrant launch that they didn’t use marketing dollars for non-franchise phones, it seems that with this go round T-Mobile is going to give the Samsung Vibrant 4G the “highest level of marketing support from T-Mobile, plus additional support from Samsung’s Galaxy S campaign. This includes TV and Cinema advertising among other marketing methods.”

The new Samsung Vibrant 4G will feature Tmobile Tv and the movie Inception.

Source: Tmo News

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  1. I am disappointed. In Samsung and in Tmobile for putting this device together. I know it will sell, but if the Vibrant sold to nearly a million people, and they aren’t happy with Samsungs OTA ability, im not sure a FFC and faster data is going really sweeten the deal. They needed to really up the specs or something. Further documents state 1 Gb internal storage too. Instead of the now 16gb. It is definitely not anywhere on my top 10 list of devices to buy. Neither was the nexus S.

  2. I love lit but I got the original Samsung Vibrant which the only different is the front facing camera and super amoled plus screen. If I find it for cheap then I will get it.

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