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Samsung Responds To Emergency Call Glitch In DL09 Update! Makes Sense

We reported over the weekend that, Androidcentral found a flaw in the DL09 Samsung Fascinate update that Verizon rolled out last week. In the new update, pushing the emergency call button while using pattern lock, yielded no result.  Samsung has acknowledged the problem and Samsung is working on fixing it.  They’ve issued the statement below:

It has come to the attention of Samsung Mobile during the recent DL09 OTA (Over-the-Air) update for the Samsung Fascinate that some users utilizing the Pattern Lock are finding that the Emergency Call shortcut is not automatically launching the dialer. However, unlocking the device will allow the user to make calls as they normally would, including emergency calls. We apologize for the inconvenience and are continuing to evaluate the issue, including if the issue is linked to the update. If you have experienced any issues or have any questions, please contact Samsung Customer Care –

So basically if you’re cheating on your significant other or have top secret info on your phone, you may be out of luck otherwise if you disable pattern lock for the time being while Samsung gets it fixed, you’ll be in good shape.

Source: Samsung Mobile

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