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Samsung Nexus S Glitchy Since Last Update

The Samsung Nexus S has barely been on the shelf a month and users are already saying it’s received a glitchy update.  The main “glitch” that some Nexus S users are having since taking the Android 2.3.1/GRH78 update has been that the phone is rebooting during a call.  NEWS FLASH the Nexus S is a phone and the most important feature to most users is the ability to make calls. One of our missions as of late is to prove how great Android is for business.  It would suck to be leading a conference call and have your phone reboot in the middle.

Although the reboot error has been going on for a couple weeks now Google originally ignored it in the support forums until giving this statement in the forum:

See A Google Response after the break

“Hey everyone, Thanks for your many useful reports. We are getting close to tracking down the root cause of the reboots during calls and are currently testing a fix to resolve the issue. I’ll come back to keep you informed once we know more,”

Google Employee -RyGuy

There is no clear cut side responsible for this rebooting problem and there really doesn’t need to be as most Nexus  users would be completely fine if it just worked “properly”

In addition to the rebooting issue the latest update has also seen glitches with Bluetooth streaming and the SMS glitch is still present. Although the Nexus is is Google’s flagship Gingerbread device the most recent bugs have only received a medium priority.

Source: Brighthand

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