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Samsung Mobile Quadruples Proessor Sales To Apple <-- Read the headline twice

We know this happens all the time. Most displays in the flatscreen world and smartphone world come out of S.Korea from either Samsung or LG.

While Samsung Mobile is selling millions and millions of Galaxy S phones and 2 million + Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and being labeled a “Profit Leader” by the mothership, their left hand is selling processors and screens to Cupertino California.  Again this isn’t a new practice but it is worth reporting.

It’s been reported that Samsung will quarduple it’s output of mobile processors sold to Apple selling over half of their manufactured chips for the benefit of iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. Samsung sells apple their 45nm process the A4 which starts with an Arm Cortex A8 CPU.

Apple received 5,000 application processor sheets per month from Samsung. They are increasing that to 20,000 application processor sheets per month this year.

When Tim Cook reported Apple’s latest fiscal results on January 18th he hinted that they’ve secured some of their supply chain in order to insure that they wouldn’t run out of devices. It was widely speculated that Apple essentially paid off suppliers in order to guarantee supplies would be available to them.  In the midst of that speculation is of course Samsung who has said they hope to move 60 million smartphones in 2011

The Korean Times has reported  “In an apparent scheme to ship more of its mobile processors to Apple, Samsung is building a $3.6 billion chip plant mainly to produce non-memory chips in Austin, Texas, according to Samsung officials.”

Source: Computerworld

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