Samsung Misses Unofficial Froyo Deadline


This is almost heartbreaking for me as I really love the Samsung Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Tab however we couldnt help but notice that Samsung missed their unofficial end of the year deadline for upgrading their US Galaxy S Variants.

The Samsung Captivate on AT&T and the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile were the first Galaxy S devices released in the United States and as such were expected to be the first upgraded to Android 2.2 “Froyo”.

The Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint was the best of the four variants and a flagship device for the nations third largest carrier.  The last rumored upgrade date for the Epic 4G was Sunday December 26th, complete with what was believed to be a screen shot showing Sprint technicians what to expect. broke the news Christmas day that the update was again delayed.

Several websites ran a screen shot earlier this week showing that the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Wireless may receive the froyo update this week. That didn’t happen either.

At this point most carriers have said they would have a Froyo update for their respective Galaxy S devices “soon” without giving any better time frame than that.

Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy S owners abroad have already received their update.  There are a few Froyo Roms around the internet that will work on some of the US Galaxy S devices.

Samsung Galaxy S owners are growing impatient with all of these delays, especially because Samsung has already released a device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

9 Replies to “Samsung Misses Unofficial Froyo Deadline”

  1. Nope. Just bullshit excuses and plenty of appeasement. NO actual explanation as to WTF the problem is.

  2. Fucking tired of this #bullshit. Bought my #Fascinate expecting an #update to #Froyo. Sick of #delays #excuses. Thanks for nothing, #Samsung.

  3. Samsung sells alot of phones but HTC is better for Android support! They update there phones!
    I am a Captivate owner (att) and next phone will be HTC on a different carrier!

  4. This is one of the main reasons I ditched my Epic 4G for a Nexus S… Samsung’s hardware is phenomenal… not so much on the software, we can leave the updates to Google ;-).

  5. If I don’t get Froyo 2.2 soon I going to get HTC Mytouch 4G. Plus HTC are on top off their game when it comes to ota updates.

  6. Has Samsung ever disclosed the reason for these delays? I’m sure Galaxy S owners would be (slightly) better placated by a single, concrete explanation than this seemingly endless string of polite apologies.

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