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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Shows Up On

Samsung made some serious 4G noise at CES this year by announcing the Samsung Galaxy S 4G/LTE for Verizon and the Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T.  Shortly aftewards they announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4G on Tmobile.  Well folks it’s almost here as T-Mobile has set up a “notify me” splash page on their website here.

The Samsung Galaxy 4G page highlights some of the features of the next generation Galaxy S phone on T-Mobile. The most significant change is that it’s dropped the name “Vibrant” and is instead using Samsung’s signature “Galaxy S”. There is a lot of speculation as to why they did this. Phandroid thinks it may be that T-Mobile would be charged extra to name it themselves. Our feeling is that with the backlash in the community over the Vibrant update, they thought it would be better served to call it Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G/LTE Exclusively From Verizon not to be confused with the Samsung Galaxy S 4G Exclusively From T-Mobile 🙂 photo: TDG2011

When Samsung issued the official press release for this device they said that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G was excluively available on T-Mobile, when in fact Verizon is using a very similar moniker.  The Samsung 4G device on Verizon was identified as “Samsung Galaxy S 4G/LTE” in signage at Verizon’s booth at CES.  We guess the /LTE makes the branding totally different.

Other highlights on the T-Mobile site include:
– The fastest smartphone running on America’s largest 4G network
– T-Mobile’s first smartphone capable of delivering peak download speeds of 21mbps down
– Rich entertainment experiences at even faster speeds
– Brilliant SuperAMOLED touch screen display
– Android 2.2

There is no clear date as to the release but its soon and if you want to know more you can click the pretty button on T-Mobile’s site.

Source: T-Mobile

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