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Power, Performance, Game Play Maingear Delivers The Android Lover’s Dream PCs

Dreams become a reality for Android enthusiasts who are typically early adopters, tech enthusiasts, gamers, and well geeks.  We’re not talking the 15-18 year old geeks (well we were back when we were 15-18) but a new wave of Geek that need performance, power, gameplay, and more in a phone and in a computer and without Bloatware and overclocking!

Bloat free and optimum design performance that’s where Maingear’s CEO Wallace Santos and the Android community meet eye to eye.

At CES in a suite at none other than the Trump Tower, which screams top of the line and power, Maingear showed off their CES award winning Shift desktop chasis design.  The name is taken from the way Maingear has moved or rather shifted the motherboard 90 degrees which decreases the heat outflow and optimizes performance and efficiency while reducing noise.  Santos’ love for highly tuned high performance race cars shows through in innovative design funcationality like the shift, and the clearn, crisp casings synonymous with Maingear.  In fact Maingear offers a clear case to show off what’s under the hood.

Santos admits these aren’t PCs designed for gamer teenagers but reather for those in the 25-54 sect that are still gamers at heart looking for something powerful, fun and beautiful.  Maingear’s “Stock” options would make most mouth water but this year theyve also expanded their “Super Stock” options across all their chasis and form factor designs.

These options include:

Upgraded or optimized chassis
Motherboards supporting up to NVIDIA 3-way or Crossfire
Liquid cooling is standard
Maingear redline overclocking
Custom chassis design including auto quality paint and laser etching
Standard SSD boot drives for responsiveness
Premium 1600 mhz + DDR 3 Memory from Patriot
Optimized for NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround,  XHD Gaming @2560×1600 or AMD Eyefinity multiple monitor gaming

Maingear offers lifetime labor and phone support.

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