Oh No Android Is Dead! NOT

American Apple Fan Boy sites all over the country are posulating a hypothesis that now that Big Red has officially announced the iPhone, Android is dead…. Please….

The one most important thing to consider when posulating the hypothesis that Android is dead because of the iPhone is this:

In other countries, in fact in most countries besides the United States the iPhone is available on multiple if not all of the countries carriers. Yup, Orange, Tmobile, Vodaphone they all have it and guess what, Android still prevails.  Gartner, NPD, and Neilsen have all shown Androids growth, not in the United States but around the world. That should count for something.

Let’s go over a few other things:

– First off at the press conference Tim Cook stated that this was not a deal exclusive to Verizon. Give it a day or two and the rumors about Sprint and Tmobile will start popping up.

– The Verizon iPhone at roll out (Feb 3rd for preorders Feb 10th for everyone) is a CDMA version. What does that mean, it means no facetime over 3g and of course no voice and data simultaneously, something AT&T customers have with any smart phone.

– Next the iPhone on AT&T is HSDPA 7.2 which means although not HSPA+ it will see significant speed improvements in HSPA markets, much like the Nexus One gets great speeds in HSPA+ markets… the Verizon iPhone.. not so much.

– Customer Canibilization. So what happens at WWDC 2011 when Steve Jobs hops on stage and shows off the iPhone 5? Will it be simultaneously announced for AT&T and Verizon or will AT&T get the goods first.  The drawback to Verizon getting the iPhone 5 simultaneously is that the original Verizon iPhone customers will be locked into contracts. Much like the early adopters of AT&T will be screwed into paying off contract prices when LTE comes to AT&T

As someone said earlier today, Verizon Android customers are getting all the 4G fun. Remebe that it’s important.

4 Replies to “Oh No Android Is Dead! NOT”

  1. Working for Verizon, I may have a bias, but I own many apple and android products. I love both. Both have strong suits and weak points. Im just glad there is competition, so these developers can keep pushing forward. One thing is for sure, our network is the best, and the best phones on the best network is a win for consumers.

  2. All I think of a Verizon iPhone is how much of a win this is is for consumers in the U.S who want an iPhone.

    Android will still do well in America looking at the announcements at CES this year as there is some really compelling hardware due on offer. The best news for Android in this respect is that AT&T might actually take it seriously now it has to compete with Verizon’s strong Android lineup and the iPhone.

    Win for Apple
    Win for Verizon
    Win for Android
    But a potential massive loss for AT&T.

  3. Exactly right. Fruit Flies are easily moved from the glare of glossy pictures and words like magical, fantastic and leprechauns.

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