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Nokia May Change Their Minds About Android

Nokia just reported some dismal numbers for their 4th quarter, partly due to the fact that US sales of Nokia devices are down, way down. In fact Nokia has decided to pull the next two devices slated for the US before their launch.  Everyone is turning to Nokia’s Chief Stephen Elop to see what he plans to do to save the Finnish company.

Based on Elops remarks accompanying Nokia’s Q4 results, Geoff Blaber, an analyst with CCS insight, said “Mr. Elop was clearly hinting that Nokia is either considering the adoption of a new operating system or that it has already made that decision” Blaber went on to say “the most likely option in that case would be Google Inc’s Android”

Elop has often downplayed Android and denied any reports that Nokia may go that direction however after the last quarter they seem to be rethinking their strategy. Nokia is expected to make more announcements next month at an investors conference and also at MWC.

Right now we’ll wait and see.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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