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Motorola Trying The Superbowl Again

Think back to this time last year and you’ll remember all the Android thunder was surrounding the Motorola DeVour and celebrity Meagan Fox.  The lucractive commercial was sure to sell millions and millions of Motorola Devours…

Fast Forward to this year and Motorola has made a heck of an impact in the Android world and the mobile world. Sanjay Jha is now at the helm of Motorola Mobility, the separate company split off from Motorola on January 4th.  Motorola has produced a string of hits since the Devour commercial, although the Devour wasn’t one of them.

Motorola is on the brink of a spectacular year with the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Motorola Xoom waiting in the wings. The video below was sent to us by a Motorola spokesperson with a note to check out the Superbowl ad teaser. So here, check out the Superbowl ad teaser and hopefully this time around the Superbowl will be more fruitful.  Of course this video is absent any actual people it’s about, Motorola.

Source: WS for Motorola

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