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Motorola Releases Dual Sim Android Phone In India

The new Motorola Milestone XT-800 is a dual sim Android phone, the first of its kind for Motorola. It supprots both CDMA and GSM. It rounds out with a 3.7″ display , 5mp camera and a micro-sd slot that supports up to 32gb in microsd. The Milestone XT800 also goes by the name Motorola Glam.

“We have specially designed the Milestone XT800 to provide infotainment-on-the-go for consumers who want a device that matches the demands of a hectic lifestyle like that of a senior professional,” Motorola Mobility India Country Head Faisal Siddiqui said.

The Motorola Glam/Milestone XT-800 will debut with Android 2.1 with no word at all on froyo

Source: NDTV

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