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Motorola Atrix Shaping Up For Early March Launch

Androidcentral got their hands on this screen shot showing a warehouse date of March 1 for the Motorola Atrix as a “Prelaunch”. AT&T traditionally launches new devices on Sundays and March 1st is a Tuesday so it’s probably a safe bet that they will have the Atrix’s in the warehouse by Tuesday March 1st and then on shelves the following Sunday.

The Motorola Atrix took CES by storm as it was unveiled at the AT&T Developer’s Summit in Las Vegas two days before CES. We were expecting the Motorola Olympus/Etna to roll out and be the next wave of super phones but what we got was a super duper super phone. The Atrix has some very impressive specs along with the ability to be used as a desktop with a monitor or a laptop with what Motorola is calling the Webtop app.

The Motorola Atrix is being billed by AT&T and Motorola as the World’s Most Powerful Smartphone and that it is. It busts out with a dual core processor, true 1080phd, hdmi out and much more. Check out 15 glorious minutes with the Atrix by our very own Russell Holly.

So it seems if Android Central’s tipsters are right (and they usually are) we should see this thing the first week of March or at least the first Sunday in March.

Source: Android Central

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