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Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire Show Up At Amazon

4G is just around the corner for AT&T customers and Amazon isn’t wasting anytime letting people know.  The Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G show up on

Motorola’s flagship Android device on AT&T’s new 4G (phase one) network, the Motorola Atrix, is feature packed and is looking to change mobile with it’s webtop, laptop, accessory and HDMI accesories.  We’ve already seen the webtop accessory in a Best Buy leak for $150 and now the Atrix shows up on Amazon for $150, of course with a two year agreement. That still puts the total package under $300, roughly the cost of a decent netbook.

The HTC Inspire 4G will also operate on AT&T’s new 4G (phase one HSPA+) network. HTC’s Peter Chou promised a cleaner, new Sense experience on the device that should have theoretical speeds of 21mbps. Amazon has the Inspire listed at $99 with a two year agreement.

When Motorola announced their Q4 results they also announced that the Motorola Atrix would be available in February, no exact word as to the release of the HTC Inspire 4G.


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