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Motorola Announces Fourth Quarter Results, More on Release of Motorola Xoom and Motorola Atrix

The fourth quarter of 2010 wraps up a complete 4 quarter cycle of Motorola, now Motorola Mobility, being a firm partner in the Android eco-system. Both the Motorola Cliq and the Motorola Droid were released in 2009 as the first two Android offerings from Motorola.  The Motorola Droid is still one of the best selling Android smartphones in the world.  The Motorola Cliq, was the debut phone for Motoblur, Motorola’s cloud backed up, user interface.

Motorola’s revenue was up 21% from the same quarter last year, while Motorola’s device earnings were up 33% ($2.4 billion) over the same quarter in 2009.

In today’s earnings call Motorola also highlighted their complete 2010 year end results with total net revenue up 4% to $11.5 billion dollars.

Motorola Mobility’s Chairman and CEO, Sanjay Jha, credited their great results directly to smartphones, which for Motorola are all Android, saying “The improvement in our financial results last year, including profitability in the fourth quarter, is indicative of the progress we have made in delivering innovative smartphones and improving the Mobile Devices business,”

Motorola Mobility split off from Motorola’s other businesses on January 4th 2011.  Motorola Mobility also encompasses their home division. Motorola is a large supplier of set top boxes to cable operators across the country among other things.

Motorola Mobility added three smartphones in the fourth quarter which were Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global and the weatherproof Motorola Defy. That brought the total number of Motorola Mobility smartphones released in 2010 to 23.

Motorola is already prepping a great line up for 2011 announcing the Motorola Atrix, The Motorola Cliq 2, The Motorola Droid Bionic and the Motorola Xoom, their first tablet, at CES earlier this month.  The Cliq 2 has already been released and Jha said we should expect the Motorola Atrix and the Xoom to release at the end of February (remember February is the short month). Motorola Mobility has also announced that the Motorola Xoom for 4G/LTE will be released at the end of the 2nd quarter along with the Droid Bionic.

So it looks like we are going to get the Motorola Atrix ahead of the rumored, first week in March release.

Source: Motorola Mobility

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