Mark Pincus Takes A Cue From Mark Zuckerberg And Issues C&D For Blingville

It seems Mark Pincus of Zynga has taken a cue from his good buddy Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and issued a Cease & Desist to the makers of the social networking game Blingville, Blingville LLC.

The Cease and Desist order or C&D as they are known sometimes, claims the use of the word “Ville” is a violate of Zynga’s trademarks.  A rough check of the USPTO website did not show that Zynga owned trademarks on the word ville. If they did I’d worry about every little town in the United States called “Ville”.

Blingville was not one to be bullied and has filed a counter suit for court costs as well as well as their own lawsuit seeking declaration from the courts that Blingville doesn’t violate any of Zynga’s trademarks.  It’s worthy to note that Zynga has been sued by the makers of Farm Town (which came out before Farmville) and makers of Mafia Wars in 2004 and Mob Wars.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Zynga ends up in court with Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre over the name “Zynga” or the word “Bazinga”

Source: TFTS

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