Lenovo Forms Business Unit To Beef Up Mobile Devices

Lenovo has announced that they are opening a business unit devoted to mobile internet devices including tablets and home devices.

If you’re not familiar with Lenovo they are the Beijing based company that took over IBM’s thinkpad unit.  In May of 2010 Lenovo released the LePhone based on Android. Their unique formfactor phone included a detachable qwerty keyboard.

Lenovo has also released a hybrid typed dual boot device that functions as both an Android based tablet and a Windows 7 based laptop.  Chief Operating Officer Rory Read said that he hopes to have the Lenovo LePad ship in other markets, like the US, after honeycomb is released.

Lenovo purchased IBM’s laptop business back in 2005 and is trying to get ahead of the curve as more and more people are migrating to tablet and mobile internet. Liu Jun, the former president of Lenovo’s product division will head up the new mobile division.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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