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Korean Manufacturer Pushing Froyo To One Of Their Verizon Handsets

But it’s not Samsung!

Verizon has begun pushing Froyo to the LG Ally handset.  The LG Ally is a midrange Android device that was released back in May in conjunction with the movie Iron Man 2. During it’s May release it came out with Android 2.1 which at the time was a great thing for a mid-range phone. It also featured an interactive Text to play augmented reality game.

A few short months later, in August, LG announced that the LG was capable of an update to Froyo and offered no specific timeline.

Today, the Froyo update is being pushed out to current LG Ally customers. Now we know there arent 3 million of them in the United States or 10 million across the world, however those customers with an Ally purchased a mid-range phone with a newer version of Android at the time, they were told they would recieve an update at some point ,and that point has arrived.  This is all very logical right?

If you own an LG Ally the update is OTA and should either be in your update queue or on the way.

It’s also good to know that when the LG Optimus came out (Vortex on Verizon) it was released with Android 2.2 which again was the most current release. After coming under fire by the online community, in one day LG revised a statement and said that their LG Optimus would eventually get Gingerbread. LG has also NOT said when.  SOOOOO in 6 months when they upgrade to Gingerbread they still followed the same easy steps and easy logic to satisfy their customers in three ways.  1. bringing the phone to market with the latest available version of Android.  2. Confirming that the phone is eligible for an upgrade to the next newer version of Android 3. Telling their customers they don’t really know when that upgrade will be but it will happen.

The company in Korea that I tend to like a lot could learn something from LG

Source: An email from good ole Albert

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