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HTC Flyer Specs Revealed

Amobil got a leak that can’t be beat in the form of the specs for the upcoming HTC Flyer one of three HTC tablets coming out in 2011.

The flyer specs look amazing! It’s going to be a 7″ tablet, direct competition to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  With 1024×600 resolution the display is virtually the same as the Gtab. Running under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an HSPA+ 3g radio giving it theoretical download speeds of 14.4mbps.

For your entertainment pleasure there will be an HDMI output as well as DLNA. Cameras are standard 5mp on the back 1.3 on the front and of course the rear facing camera will feature a flash. The HSPA+ coupled with the front facing camera will make for great video calling even without wifi. The tipster reports that GSM calling will not be enabled but the HTC Flyer will come with a special version of skype giving users the ability to skype video call out of the box.

As for the Android version shipping with the HTC Flyer, that seems up in the air but it will be a minimum of 2.3 Gingerbread and could possibly be 3.0 Honeycomb. Although HTC was skipped over for Samsung for the Nexus S, let us not forget that HTC did the G1 and the N1 so it’s possible with their close relationship to Google we could see Honeycomb at launch as well.

In a story we ran earlier this month it was stated that HTC is doing three tablets and the first one, the Flyer, is headed to the states. Knowing that it’s outfitted for GSM that can only mean AT&T or T-Mobile. Knowing T-Mobile and HTC’s close relationship (they use the same PR firm in the states) it’s not a leap to suggest it’s headed to T-mobile. However we also know LG is working on the G-Slate for Tmobile as we speak.

Source: Amobil via Androidguys

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