HTC And Sprint AT CES

Other sites are currently postulating a hypothesis that HTC and Sprint are up to something based on their lack of prescense at CES.

Let’s first get this straight. HTC typically does one show a year and does shoulder events for other trade shows.  HTC took a group of journalists out at CTIA in San Francisco, had a booth at Pepcom in San Francisco and had a meeting room at CTIA.  At CES they took a group of journalists out for In N Out Burger in a nice limousine, and met with people in a meeting room in the back of the south hall.  Their meeting room was on the CES show map and they announced prior to CES that they were having an “open house’ on two of the days.

As for Sprint, they could be found in a suite off site and saw journalists, buyers and analysts throughout the show. They’ve called an event for February 7th and the world is just a buzzing about what it could be.

Could it be a Samsung Galaxy Tab on 4G
Could it be an iPhone on 4G (remember the Verizon announcement said it wasn’t exclusive)
Could it be an HTC tablet (the Scribe) on Sprint?
Could it be new rates.

Nobody knows but everyone likes to speculate. We’ll tell you on the 7th

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