Hey CEA, what happened to a “green” CES 2011?

At the CES: Unveiled event held in November in NYC, there was a press conference. The CEA stood in front of a crow full of people and told us all about the really great things coming to this year’s CES. We heard about Earth, Wind, and Fire putting on a show, we heard about the new program for fans of CEA, and we heard about the new and improved initiative to reduce waste from the event. Well, Earth, Wind, and Fire was here, the new CEA programs have seen an incredible amount of new subscribers, and we were all lied to about waste reduction. Oh wait… that last one wasn’t a good thing. Still, it’s undeniably true, the CEA’s attempts at a “green” initiative have been a complete failure at CES 2011.

See that stack of papers, fliers, business cards, and catalogues? That’s from a single day of wandering the halls of CES 2011. One person, walking just two of the halls, for a single day. How did this happen? In November, we were told about how press releases would be handed out in digital formats, be it optical storage like CD’s and DVD’s, or the increasingly popular Flash Drive presser.  If you have been following my daily update on the flash drives I have come across, you would know that there havent been many, and even less CD’s and DVD’s. When prompted for a press kit, most companies hand out paper products at this event, the exact opposite of what we were told at CES: Unveiled.

When weighed, this came to approximately 3.5 pounds of paper. I’ll read through it here, but a vast majority of this will not be returning with me on the flight home. 3.5 pounds per day, 4 days of CES, and over 140,000 people in attendance. That’s nearly 2 million pounds of paper products, before you look at the bags that were handed out, the trinkets at many booths, and that’s just the convention center. It’s an enormous amount to consider, and in the future the CEA needs to do a better job policing this kind of senseless waste.

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