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Graffiti For Android Goes Offline Via Pro

Great news for nostalgic palm graffiti lovers and those who prefer a stylus on their Android device, the Graffiti for Android app has gone pro. You’ll pay $2.99 for the new pro version of the app but it’s ad-free and it doesn’t require an internet connection.  When Access released the original free version it had both ads and required an internet connection to work.

Graffiti was developed by Jeff Hawkins back in the early 90’s for use on Palm devices.  Xerox sued Palm in 1997 saying that they stole Graffiti from their patented unistrokes technology.

Graffiti adopted quickly for Palm users in the 90’s because of the easy shorthand stroke nature of the writing.  Although there were some clones to Graffiti, the most notable released to iPhone, Access has actually owned Graffiti since 2008 when it bought Palmsource.

The pro version is $2.99 and is available in the Android market.

Source: Mobiputing

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