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Glu Mobile’s Toy Shop Adventures and Honeycomb Tabletness

We had spent a while with Glu Mobile’s Michael Breslin, yesterday while at CES.  We first met Breslin at a mobile entertainment event in Los Angeles California last month where he gave us an exclusive link on DJ Hero coming to Android.  He assures us that it’s still very much on the way but they are handling some musical rights issues exclusive to the US markets.  So while we are waiting for DJ Hero to battle all of our friends on busses, trains, lunchrooms, and everywhere else, Glu has another addictive game coming to Android.

Glu Mobile is the third largest game developer in the world behind only Electrnic Arts and Gameloft.  Glu ports third and second party games and has ramped up it’s effort to make great games on their own. One of those games is Toy Shop Adventure.

First, lets start off by saying that Toy Shop Adventures is not a Toy Story knock off. You won’t find Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Jim, Bullseye or any of your Toy Story favorites… BUT… you will find out favorite, at least on the Android version, and that is ANDY!!!!

Toy Shop Adventures runs very very well on the Acer 10″ honeycomb tablet that our very own (and your good friend) Russell Holly played it on, throughout the entirity of our 2 hour meeting, standing up mind you.

In Toy Shop Adventures you take Andy through an awesomely awesome toyshop where he gets to use toys like jacks, balls, marbles, legos, and more to move about the store.  Its a game of skill where you can use simple physics like you do in Angry Birds to get Andy through the toystore. It combines the physics skill of Angry Birds with the nailbiting rope climbing of Ninja Ropes.

When you watch the quick video notice not only the REALLY cool game but the REALLY cool tablet too!

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