Get Your Resumes Ready Google Expected To Hire 6200 This Year

Yahoo laid off 100 people yesterday, while today Google announced they plan on growing their workforce by hiring more than 6200 people.

Literally on the heels of President Obama emphasizing the need for more jobs, Google, an open supporter of Obama, came to the table with the announcement that they plan on hiring more than 6200 people.  Google laid it’s hiring strategy out to the Associated Press without specifying what these 6200 people would be doing or where they would be located geographically.

Google currently has 60 offices in 30 countries throughout the world. We do know that at least 1000 of the new positions created will be based in Europe. Eric Schmidt pledged 1000 new European jobs in a speech yesterday.

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Childcare, always free meals, drinks and coffee, liberal dress code, and an overall appealing campus, wasn’t enough to save Google from of their top people defecting to other competing companies.  In an effort to curb defection Google increased salaries 10% across the board last year. There have also been scattered reports across the internet of lavish retention bonuses.  Google’s main headquarters is spread across 4.2 million square feet of office space in Mountain View California home to the Googleplex.  Google has plans to expand near the NASA offices in San Francisco and recently purchased a building the size of a whole city block in New York City to house it’s more than 2000 employees.

Google expects to have over 30,000 employees by years end. When renewed CEO Larry Page takes over on April 4, 2011 he will be in charge of a workforce larger than some cities but still small compared with Microsoft’s 84,000 employees.

It takes a lot to get a job at Google. They scrutinize SAT scores, grade point averages, academics, extra-curriculars and even use an intelligence test to get into Google. They want the best and the brightest.

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Source: Associated Press via Yahoo

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