Finnish Accesory Company Golla Brings Functionable and Fashionable Accessories at Target Prices

We first found Golla products at our local target. They seemed to work very well in protecting cell phones and cameras.  The Golla line has all kinds of cool fashionable designs.  What makes their cell line up unique is that they tend to know a lot of people are carrying more than one cell phone sized device.
In addition to wild pinks, reds and greens their line also shows up in solid whites and blacks making them good for both a man or a woman. The protective fabric that they use provides extra security and piece of mind to the person carrying their expensive gadgets and phones with them.

Their camera case line comes in 4 unique sizes. We searched the entire CES floor to find a good bag for a 4/3 camera with lenses and the Golla bag did the trick for under $30 bucks.

For more inforation visit Golla Online at

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