Facebook’s Zuckerberg Has Chutzpah…

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has bravely gone where no uber rich geek has actually gone themselves and that is to the depths of Saturday Night Live.  We don’t know if SNL Producer Lorne Michaels has ever extended the invitation to Zuckerberg to ever host but if he did I’d bet Zuckerberg would do it.

Tonight Jesse Eisenberg, the guy who kinda sorta a lot looks like Michael Cera, was hosting SNL in celebration of “The Social Network” Oscar Nominations and Golden Globe wins. In the opening monolouge Andy Samberg joins Eisenberg on stage. Samberg is the SNL cast member who portrays Mark Zuckerberg every chance he gets.  Then they cut to backstage where the real Zuckerberg is questioning Michaels on why he’s not out there and the other two are.  Then Zuckerberg joins the other two on stage for one big Berg fest celebrating facebook.

It’s all hand shakes, pats on the back and right back to SNL Samberg exits and Zuckerberg and Eisenberg kick off the show.  To our knowledge Gates, Jobs, Schmidt, Brin and Page have never been on SNL although Steve Jobs is one of the most parodied people of technology in SNL history.

Source: NBC

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