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Eric Chu: Android Getting In App Payments & Improved Discovery Soon

Eric Chu, speaking at “Inside Social Apps” in San Francisco today said that an in app payment system was coming for Android “soon”.

Google was expected to release an in app payment mechanism last quarter however the developers that were providing feedback for it were too busy with Christmas apps and end of the year development so they pushed back the release. In app payments provide an outlet for app developers to have revenue streams outside of the paid for app sales strategy.

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Paid verse non paid apps have often sparked debate in the Android community. Some feel that with the open and free nature of Android, Android users arent as accustomed to pay for apps as their rivals on the IOS system.  Rovio mobile is one of the companies that shares in this belief which is why they went for an ad supported version of Angry Birds to make the download free for Android owners.

The ability to purchase virtual goods, power ups, extra levels, and even block ads by using in app payments have countless possibilities for developers.

During his appreance at “Inside Social Apps” Chu also commented on partnerships for carriers for Android Market purchases. Currently AT&T and Tmobile support carrier billing for the Android Market. Naturally if all of the carriers were to jump on board with carrier billing it would pave a much clearer road to in app purchases.

Chu also acknowledged that Google has work to do on things as basic as search, categories and listing and hopes to have all of those items addressed.

Source: All Things Digital

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