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Disney Breaking Into The Smartphone Market With Android

One of the most familiar brands to adults, kids, teens, parents and grandparents alike is Disney.  Disney has announced that they are rebranding the Sharp Galapagos 003SH smartphone as the “Disney Phone”. The Galapagos 003SH features no glasses required 3d on a 3.8″ display which will make playing Disney content a magical experience.

In addition to the 3D display, Japanese owners of the Disney Android phone will receive an @disney email address, exclusive content and promotions and the choice of 6 Disney themed cases featuring favorite Disney characters.  It’s also been reported that some of the content and games will be specially tailored to children who may “borrow” the phone while on long car trips, plane rides and while waiting in line.

The rest of the Disney phone hardware includes a 1ghz processor, a whopping 9.6mp camera, over the air TV and payment solutions typical in Japan. It will run a customized version of Android 2.2 and feature flash 10.1

I first caught wind of the Disney phone at the Digital Experience PepCom event earlier this month in Las Vegas as part of Pepcom.  They are bringing a cloud based content social interactive site that will be  part of this phone in Japan.  The funny thing about Disney’s involvement with Android is that Steve Jobs still sits on the Disney board of directors.

Source: Pepcom/Electronista

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