Cyanogen Mod 7 (Gingerbread) Nightlies Starting To Roll

Great news for you Cyanogen Mod lovers out there. The Cyanogen Mod 7 nightlies have started rolling out.  Now while Google is dragging their feet you have the freedom that is Android the freedom that is open source and the freedom that is Cyanogen Mod.

As with all nightlies there are some bugs (that’s what nightlies are for) and don’t ask for ETA’s.

You can pick up the nightlies via Rom Manager or Here and you will also need the GAPPS here.

If you’ve never done this before seek help as of course we nor anyone affiliated with Team Douche or Cyanogen are responsible for your bricked $500 phone. But on another more positive note, they don’t start releasing nightlies until they are ready and well they are ready.

Have Fun!

Source: Android Central

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