Cricket MUVE Takes Over Las Vegas

Cricket Wireless announced their new Muve service back on December 20, 2010.  This week in Las Vegas they are creating a huge buzz within the CES community and the community that lives and works in Las Vegas.

When we say taking over, we mean taking over, we counted over 12 different cabs with Muve signage on the top.  We also went to the New Yorker earlier in the day and saw limos with Muve banners on them.

At the CES unveilled event Matt Stroiber and Greg Lund from Cricket Wireless flagged down thedroidguy for a live demo.

Using some decent headphones we went on a quick tour of the Samsung Suede and the Muve music service.  Muve is a Cricket Wireless servie where for $55 dollars per month you can get unlimited data/3g, free text messages, pic messages an videos.
Currently the service is only available on the Samsung Suede Muve phone however Cricket plans to expand the Muve portfolio in a few months.

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