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Chinese Line Up Like US iPhone Fanboys For Meizu M9 Android Phone

You may remember Meizu as the company that brought an iPhone look alike to China sporting Windows. Well Meizu has released the M9 which runs on Android 2.2 and the great people of China lined up like US iPhone fanboys to get their hands on this Android phone.

Meizu does well in China however sales for their M8 model didn’t fair as well as expected. This is believed to be because of it’s customized version of Windows CE.  The follow up has better specs and Android, which is a big hit in China.  The M9 features a 1ghz cortex A8 processor based on Samsung.  It also features high speed 3d graphics rendering and high resolution video support.  The memory touts 512 ROM /512 RAM. It has a micro-sd slot but no internal memory for apps, pics and videos. The M9 ships with either an 8gb microsd or a 16gb microsd card.

The specs say that it ships with Android 2.2 customized by Meizu and that it will upgade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in the next firmware upgrade.

Source: Electronista and Meizume

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