CES: Samsung Announces Wifi Only Galaxy Tab

Las Vegas-CES

In a jampacked Pre-CES press day Samsung took this afternoon to announce that the Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi only version was on the way. As you know you can currently get the Samsung Galaxy Tab on a 3G wireless deal wtih AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Tmobile and US Cellular in the United States. At the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch event in New York City this past September, Samsung elluded to the fact that a wi-fi only version of the device was on the way. Today they made that announcement official at their press conference.

Samsung’s Chief Strategy Officer confirmed that Samsung did hit the 10 million mark with the Samsung Galaxy S series of devices and 1.5 million Samsung Galaxy Tabs were sold since their release in November.

Samsung’s developer arm gave away 5 Samsung Galaxy Tabs to lucky developer winners at the AT&T Developer summit this morning.

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