CES Rewind: Huawei Unveils The X-5

When I got my hands  on the Huawei X5 phone the first thing I  noticed is that instead of Huawei running there own skin, they run stock Android. The X-5 Comes with 2.2 however it wont be updated to 2.3. The phone has 3.8 WVGA 800×400 TFT captive touch screen as well has having Swype per-installed. 4Gbs of Rom and supports up to 720p recording.

The phone itself is very nice however like I stated before being brought in at 2.2 and not being upgraded isn’t something that many want to hear. It’s  running on T-Mobiles network and supports 900/2100 MHz HSDPA for the “high speed” network that they run.

One of my major issues though is with releasing this in the press conference he stated that they’ll be releasing another higher end device right away. The X5 also doesn’t come with a front facing camera, which is just about standard this year, so middle end Android device is where this one should be.

Many manufacturers are introducing mid-range devices worth looking at.

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