CES: Live: Motorola Mobility Press Conference

4:51PM Honeycomb is Android 3.0 -Sanjay jah

4:50pm Xoom will be available in first quarter

Xoom is Upgradeable to 4G

4:48pm Jha introduces Motorola Xoom the first Android tablet with honeycomb

4:44pm Droid Bionic is the name of the Verizon 4G/LTE phone

4:45pm Droid Bionic will be up to 10x faster than LG (Sanjay Jha)

4:43pm Cliq 2 available Jan 19th from Tmobile

4:40pm Jha introducing 4 devices

Motorola Cliq 2 is official

4:38pm: Atrix 4G will also be available through Bell in Canada and Orange in the UK

4:37pm “Atrix 4G is a Game Changer” -Jeff Bradley

4:36PM Jeff Bradley from AT&T is onstage

4:33 PM introduced the Atrix to CTOs who loved the idea that they’d only have to focus on upgrading one device

4:28PM Seang Chau on stage he led development on Motorola Atrix 4G.

Integration between the phone and computer experience powered by the phone

4:26 PM Motorola Atrix 4G The World’s Most Powerful Smartphone.

Up to 2ghz of processing speed

1gb of RAM

QHD display

Finger print reader

4:25PM Sanjay on stage

4:25pm: new tag line Life: M Powered


Motorola mobility COM onstage

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