CES Coverage: Here Come The MID’s 1st Up Gajah International

Singapore based Gajah International is planning to introduce 20 e-readers to the marketplace in 2011. Most of them will be based on e-ink technology.

Gajah just received an IF Award for their 6″ e-reader.  They plan on introducing “several” e-ink e-readers at this years CES show with touch screen functionality and wi-fi.

Gajah’s President G Jay Yong said

“It is great to receive all the support from our partners in the various countries all these years. Just last quarter, we had shipped more than 200,000 units of eBook Reader. Although we may be late in launching eBook Readers with Wi-Fi or touch screen functions, we come up with our own patented user interface (UI), which would bring a refreshing experience to the users. The UI looks to emulate a real-time lifestyle environment and reading ambience offering an innovative interactive interface in complete comfort. I believe this will be a revolutionary change in the industry.

In addition to their e-book readers they will bring at least one MID (Mobile Internet Device) to the CES show, a new design running Android 2.2. On this MID they plan on using bluetooth technology rather than WiFi for the MID to gain access to the internet.

Some companies use the term MID instead of tablet. At last years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we saw more than 20 MIDs from various foreign companies. By the end of the year only a few had actually made it to market.

Gajah seems to be fairing ok in the e-reader area. For a relatively small company, they have sold over 200,000 of their e-book readers in a very competitive market place.

Source: Gaja/CES

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