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CES: AT&T Wows Us at CES, With Bare Naked Ladies And More

AT&T Wow’d us this past Wednesday at the AT&T Developer’s Conference as part of CES 2011.  We heard about new AT&T 4G plans and the new Android devices that will run on their 4G network.

They’ve got some great devices on the way, but AT&T really wowd us with their party Wednesday night starring the Bare Naked Ladies.  If you’ve been a Bare Naked Ladies fan for a while and seen them play live they are known for their freestyle songs that are usually on topic.

This show was no different. In addition to working “Rethink Possible” in every time they could, they broke it down to talk about flip phones by Nokia, being early adopters and they did their free style song “Big Ass Phone” you see the ladies don’t want little tiny smartphones they want 1980’s style, Big Ass Phones (the video is above and the audio is pretty bad we know this but it was fun)

On the topic of early adopting the Canadian Group’s new front man Ed (who was formerly their guitar player) talked about how being an early adopter in Canada usually involves an accomplace in the states.

Enjoy the video.

Source: TMFDG

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