Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr With Your Android Device

There is a lot more to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr than the I have a Dream speech. In fact as historic myth goes and according to researched Dedrick Muhammed and others, the original I have a Dream speech wasn’t even titled that. The original title was “Normalcy Never Again”.  The story goes that Mahalia Jackson was close to Dr.King in the audience and kept saying “Tell them about the dream Martin” to which he began improvising.

Surely there is a joke somewhere here about a dream of little children playing with iPhones and Android phones and living in peace and harmony but that’s for another day and another time.

Growing up in between Baltimore and Washington DC contemporary history has always played an important role in my life. Although Asian by race there was nothing more moving in my life than riding the DC Metro at 4am on the day of Obama’s inaugaration and the feeling that overwhelmed everyone there no matter what color of their skin.

It’s 2011 and one of the most diverse communities is the Android community. We all cloak ourselves under avatars on twitter meeting each other in tweetups at the Android Barbecue and at trade shows. Thoughts run through our heads “I didn’t know you looked so young”, ” I didn’t know you were asian”, “oh youre gay cool”, and so on and so forth.  Android is for everyone.

So here check out these apps that offer inspiration from Dr. King

Martin Luther King Inspiration  CLICK HERE

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes CLICK HERE


If you have the day off Monday enjoy it and remember the freedoms that we have as Americans and the great feeling it is to be part of such a diverse community that only enriches the world we live in.


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