Casio Camera Uses Google For Geo-Tagging

For the non privacy concerned location based apps and geo-tagging are the bees knees these days.  With all things considered geo-tagging when it comes to photographs is actually a pretty practical tool.  When my mom finally moved out of the home we were raised in last year we had about 100 of those big bulky Sears carousels of slides to go through.  Lots of mountains, lots of trees, even some Disney ears, problem is in two different years we had gone to both Disney World and Disney Land in the same year.  So the pictures were nice but where in the world were we?

Thanks to geo-tagging that mystery is solved.  The Casio EX-H20G with GPS is one of those cameras that solves that problem and does just that for you.

“Geotagging has increased in popularity, especially with the advent of photo-sharing Web sites and as consumers look to do more with their images,” said Toshi Iguchi, Senior General Manager, Digital Imaging Division, Casio America Inc.

By using GPS integrated with Google,  the Casio EX-H20G knows exactly where you are when you are taking the picture.  GPS enabled cameras are growing in popularity, one thing that sets the EX-H20G apart from other GPS is cameras is it’s ability to allow you to geo-trag indoors at say a museum or Chuck E Cheese. When we saw the camera at CES it knew it was in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The precise Hybrid GPS technology found in Casio’s new EX-H20G overcomes the limitations
which consumers face with current GPS-enabled digital cameras, specifically the ability to
geotag images indoors,” said Brian McClendon, Vice President of Engineering for Google Earth
and Maps.

The Casio EX-H2oG can also assit you in route planning when you are on the road. It also shows you a map of where you took every picture that is currently stored on the camera. The GPS function also checks it’s location every 10 minutes when the camera is powered off. This allows the user to point and shoot at a moments notice and still have the geotagging feature enabled.  The EX-H2oG also has a database of 1,00,000 points of interest and their names and locations, this feature can display the location where the picture was shot as well.

To round it out it features a 10 mega pixel camera that actually allows for a 15x zoom range which maintains the image quality needed for 14.1 megapixel high resolution photography. It also features video recording at 720p HD video recording.

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