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Boy Genius Report Posts Samsung Vibrant 4G FAKE

There was a lot of hubbub on the interent Monday night when reputable website Boy Genius Report posted two “insider” pics of the new Samsung Vibrant 4G handset.  The Vibrant 4G has been underfire since last week when ran an “inside” story from an alleged unamed T-Mobile tipster who said Samsung was cannabilizing itself and holding back updates to sell the next version of the Vibrant.

The new Vibrant 4G is supposed to come out in February and feature HSPA+ 21 and a front facing camera. The Boy Genius Report story said that it would also feature Gingerbread while a lot of other sources had said it would be Froyo along with the other 4G Samsung devices introduced at CES.

The picture was quickly discredited as a modified original Vibrant. As tiny a detail as it seems, the AM/PM on the notification bar is absent in the true vanilla Gingerbread build from Google. We know for a fact that this is true as you can see by the picture of our Nexus S.  We also know, as do you, that Samsung does have the code for the actual Gingerbread as they made the Nexus S.

The Vibrant 4G is also expected to run a version of Touch Wiz, most likely the one used in the Galaxy S line.  Which further added to the case in the Androidspin story as they alleged the Vibrant 4G only added the front facing camera, HSPA capability and a new movie.  Everything else was to be the same and this Gingerbread Rom is of course not the same.

Sorry if you got all excited but the picture from BGR is definitely a fake.

Source: Android Community and TDG Reader Email/DM’s

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