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ASUS Tablets May Not Release With Honeycomb. More Honeycomb News In The Coming Weeks

When you ask Google when something is coming out their stock answer is always “In The Coming Weeks” as is the case in this story.

ASUS announced three new Android based tablets at CES last week, the Eee Pad Transformer, the Eee Pad Slide and the Eee Pad Memo. When they made their announcement and showed off their new wears we saw tablets that were a fine line between MID’s and tablets however the attraction was the announcement that they were going to ship with Honeycomb.  Rest assured everyone announced something coming out with Honeycomb and in most cases it may have been a bit premature.

Pocket-Lint has been tracking this story over the last 24 hours and while it is possible the ASUS tablets may ship with Honeycomb it all depends on when Honeycomb is made available by Google.  ASUS would like to start shipping their tablets in the beginning of Q2 and if that means shipping with Gingerbread over Honeycomb so be it.

ASUS UK Marketing Manager John Swatton said “If Honeycomb is available we will be shipping with Honeycomb” Swatton wanted to be clear to potential customers that it’s possible Honeycomb won’t be on their devices. ASUS is going to ship with whatever the latest available version of Android is.

Meanwhile the folks in Mountain view have said there is more Honeycomb news expected… Say it with us “in the coming weeks”

Source: Pocket-Lint

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