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Apple Not So Eco-Friendly In China

Apple is coming under fire by Chinese environmental groups for ignoring Chinese concerns about health and safety problems in their factories.

A report by three dozen environmental groups ranks Apple as the least responsive out of more than two dozen technology companies that have factories in China.

Apple isn’t only the most unresponsive when it comes to environmental concerns but it’s also one of the most profitable companies with operations in China reporting this week that revenue from Hong Kong and Taiwan totalled 2.6 billion dollars.

Some of the allegations in the report include a company called Wintek Corp that reportedly uses poisinous chemicals in the production of screens for iPhone and iPads. The chemicals have caused several workers at their plant to be hospitalized with nerve damage. The company has since stopped using the chemical N-Hexane and have reported that all the hospitalized workers have recovered and returned to work. Apple wouldn’t confirm that Wintek is a supplier.

Ma Jun the Director of the Institute of Environmental And Public Affairs told Bloomberg in an interview “We originally thought that Apple, as a corporate citizen, would take a leadership role, but now we feel they ended up as the most obstructive,”

Source: Forbes / Bloomberg

Photo: Pocketlint

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