Angry Birds Sling Shot/Catapult And More At London’s Toy Fair

Our friends at are reporting live from the Toy Fair in London, think CES with real Toys for British folk. The Toy Fair is a huge international show in London every year where the hottest toys from the coming months are debuted.  And what’s hot in the mobile game space, Angry Birds, thats what!

A company called Character Options has been granted licensing from Angry Birds creators Rovio Mobile, to license and distribute toys from the smash hit game.  Now we wouldn’t be reporting on this story if it was just about plushies. The Angry Birds plushies have made some people mad including us, we had a shipment delivered that was recalled by Rovio for some reason or another, nope not just plushies here a very cool, Angry Birds catapult.

More Photos after the break

This isnt your fathers slingshot so I wouldn’t go trying to shoot pebbles at peoples windows, and the Characters Options people havent developed little pigs or anything to catapult the red balls at but they are definitely onto something.

Source: Pocketlint

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