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Android Tablets Now Have 22% Of The Tablet Market And Gaining

Fresh on the heels of the news that Android has overtaken Symbian in Q4 2010 as the #1 smartphone OS in the world, in new information released by research firm Strategy Analytics, Android now has 22% of the global tablet space.  According to Strategy Analytics world wide Android tablet shipments were 9.7 million.

Apple has 74% of the tablet space however that is down from 25% showing that Android tablets are definitely taking away from Cupertino’s market share

The strongest Android tablet sales came from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. They are expecting some fierce competition from LG, Motorola and HTC in the first half of 2011.

Shipments (millions) Market Share (%)
Apple iOS 7.3 75.3
Android 2.1 21.6
Others 0.3 3.1

Strategy Analytics reports that the US is still the largest tablet market and that no serious contender in the tablet space should ignore.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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