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Android: I is For Ice Cream Sandwich

With all of the delicious sounding build out names for Android we would expect Andy Rubin to be a hefty man, obviously it’s not the case. No matter who it is with the sweet tooth at the Googleplex the next version of Android after 3.0 Honeycomb is Ice Cream.

Rubin told Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington and Jason Kincaid in passing that the next version of Android would be Ice Cream Sandwich and not just Ice Cream. Kincaid posulates his hypothesis even further by saying that the sculpture for Froyo and an impending sculpture of Ice Cream may not have distinguishing enough characteristics for Google engineers.

So there you have it right from the horses stomach. The next version of Android is Ice Cream Sandwich now whether it’s a phone version (coming after 2.3) or  a tablet version (coming after 3.0) is still unclear.

Graphic: Pocket Lint
Source: Tech Crunch

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